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Do you know what Oniomania is? It means ‘buying mania’, a compulsive buying disorder! #BaliSwap is a #NoPurchaseNoWaste initiate where Pre-Loved clothes exchange hands and love.

 #BaliSwap is all about engaging our local Balinese community with our diverse international residents and travellers to come together to share, exchange and value clothes, not dump them in landfills. 

The “2017 Global Online Consumer Report" surveyed thousands of people in 50 countries and noted that people no longer “go" shopping, but literally “are" shopping every minute online with their smartphones. This shopping frenzy has resulted in 34 million shipping containers (with a standard length of 20ft) being carted around the world every year. 

We must stop our addiction to novelty that has led to unbelievable wastefulness and materialism that harms the environment. We must stop getting suffocated by stuff! Recycle & Reuse, Repair & Share- that the #BaliSwap way!

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