MAGIC: The Gathering

Let’s start the time-machine engine on and let’s travel back to the time when playing board game was very much of our childhood! By thinking that thousands years ago, we were playing board games even before we had the written word, we have initiated a “MAGIC” board games night! 

Board and cards games provide a lot of opportunities to practice problem-solving, encourages teamwork, sneaks in some learning and develop an understanding of roles in our society.
We believe Internet has also helped board games to gain back their popularity, but in a world which we often see our friends more on social media than in real life, is getting rare to have the opportunity to sit down in the same room and concentrate on a shared experience in real time. 

We have created a space and a time for that!
Feel free to join to play Magic the Gathering every Friday 5pm - 7 pm, bring along your friends, your own favourite game or enjoy the ones available in Blue Bear.
If you trust that FRIDAY MAGIC NIGHT meet up sounds good …jump in, and  feel free to share your idea and feedback with us!

Kids, families, everyone willing to meet new friends from all around the world and Bali are welcome to start the weekend by having a MAGIC TIME!